Purpose, Values, Objectives



We exist as a church family for the sole purpose of proclaiming the good news through our lives, deeds, and words calling all those we touch to love and worship God, and prepare for Jesus’ soon return.


In pursuit of our vision, we will adhere to the following core values:
Excellence. We give our best for our Lord who deserves no less.
Teamwork. We pull together in one direction and draw strength in unit- ed action.
Humility. We think less of ourselves and think more of others.
Integrity. We keep our actions in harmony with our values.
Compassion. We care for people and we want to help.
Creativity. We innovate to communicate unchanging truths.
Perseverance. We fail seven, we get up eight.


Transform our church into a network of restorative small groups.
Reach the unchurched and those looking for a new church in Auburn and beyond.
Inspire wholehearted worship calling people into the presence of God.
Commit to maintaining our property and supporting our ministries and our Pine Hills Adventist Academy.
Equip our people so we can fulfill our ministry calling.
Protect all by creating an abuse-free, healthy, and secure church environment.
Serve our community through various means including through Auburn Renewal Center and Adventist Community Services.