Sabbath School Classes

We offer several Bible Study classes on Saturday mornings that we call Sabbath School covering from birth to adult. Each class begins at 10am and goes until 11am. Please see the different options below and see which one you like the best. 


Cradle Roll (ages 0 – 2) Beyond Courtyard
Kindergarten (age 3 – 2nd grade) In Courtyard
Primary & Juniors (3rd – 6th grade) In Courtyard
Youth (7th grade and up) Across from Sanctuary


“Fundamental Beliefs and the Great Controversy” – Meets in the Fellowship Hall Rooms #3 & 4 at 10am
Led out by Virgil Starr. The Sabbath School class will go over the topic of the 28 fundamental beliefs, but doing so in the context of the Great Controversy and our participation in the struggle. 
“The Mosaic of Christian Beliefs” – Meets in the Fellowship Hall Room #1 at 10am
A study led out by Drs. Ron Osborn & Mel Baga. What common beliefs do Adventists share with other Christians, and why is it important to know?
“A Conversation about the Scriptures: John” – Meets in the Sanctuary at 10am
The primary purpose of the class is a verse by verse, chapter by chapter study of the scriptures with the focus on a single book of the Bible at a time. A free exchange of ideas and questions is encouraged and seeks to find a practical everyday application of the scriptures being studied.
“Getting Ready to Go Home” – *Via telephone conference call at 9:30am
Led out by Mike Wood. An exploration of what it means to be living a Spirit filled life in these last days of earth’s history as we prepare to meet Jesus and go to our heavenly home with Him.